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The governance of the journal “Gestion et Management Public” (GMP) is organized around three bodies:

  • The Editorial and Speering Committee
  • The Scientific Advisory Board
  • The assembly of reviewers

The Editorial and Orientation Committee

It is composed of 7 to 10 members:

  • The two co-editors in chief
  • The publication director
  • Four to eight professors or HDR lecturers solicited by the co-editors

It may include guest editors and any other participant depending on the editorial projects.

It ensures a balance between men and women in its composition, as well as the diversity of the institutions to which it belongs and its openness to the international scene.

The Scientific Advisory Board

It is composed of professors and lecturers belonging to the French and international public management scientific community.

It associates :

  • A representative of the various public management research centers and/or higher education institutions
  • Professors and researchers belonging to the international scientific community of public management
  • Members of the editorial and steering committee
  • Former editors-in-chief
  • Members of the AIRMAP Board of Directors who wish to do so
  • Partners of the journal may be invited to participate in the scientific committee.

The assembly of editors

The members are designated by the co-editors in chief.

The assembly is made up of all the reviewers who have been solicited and who have performed blind reviews for draft articles submitted to the GMP journal. The assembly is updated every 3 years.

Procedures for appointing Co-Editors

Co-Editors-in-Chief are selected by an ad hoc selection committee following a call for nominations. Their appointment is subject to the approval of the AIRMAP Board of Directors.


The appointment of the first Co-Editor-in-Chief takes place 18 months after the renewal of the AIRMAP Board, Bureau and Presidencies. The next renewal will take place in May 2021.
The appointment of the second Co-Editor-in-Chief will take place between 12 and 18 months after the appointment of the first Co-Editor-in-Chief. The date of the next renewal is yet to be determined.

The two Co-Editors cannot belong to the same research laboratory and/or university.

A call for applications is sent out three months before the meeting of the selection committee

Constitution of a selection committee:

For the selection of a Co-Editor-in-Chief, the selection committee is composed of the Academic and Executive Presidents of AIRMAP, the Secretary General of the association, the current Co-Editors-in-Chief and the former Editors-in-Chief.
Editors-in-Chief are appointed for a three-year term, renewable once.

Appointment of the Director of Publication

This position is held by right by the Academic President of AIRMAP. He/she is the liaison between the journal and the association. He/she co-presides with the co-editors in chief the scientific council which they meet at least once a year.

Relations of the journal with the AIRMAP Board and Bureau

The editorial and orientation committee and the scientific council present their activity reports once a year to the plenary assembly in association with the members of the AIRMAP board.


The authors should send their article to

The items are anonymously expertized by two rapporteurs

If you have a technical, administrative or author-related question.