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AIRMAP’s official journal

Gestion et Management Public is the official journal of l’Association Internationale de Recherche en Management Public (the “International Association for Public Administration Research”): AIRMAP itself is the leading French-language association for researchers with an interest in public administration studies. Its mission is to advance the cause of public, para-public and non-profit management research; promote the dissemination thereof; and support members’ professional development.

Journal objectives

Gestion et Management public (GMP) seeks to promote the publication and dissemination of research articles helping to better understanding of the organisational phenomena associated with the management of public, para-public and non-profit entities.

The journal welcomes any and all original works that are susceptible to enhance the knowledge and practice of public, para-public and non-profit entities’ management and actions. It applies a variety of innovative approaches and accepts both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

The target audience includes researchers, professors and postgraduate students – as well as any and all public service practitioners seeking to share and advance their own research efforts.

Research domains

The journal welcomes articles that work rigorously to combine empirical materials with theoretical frameworks. GMP also accepts articles that are essentially theoretical in nature as long as they cover managerial topics relevant to the journal’s editorial scope. Theoretical contributions relating to ancillary disciplines such as management, sociology, economics, anthropology, history, law, information and communication, pedagogy, psychology, etc. are also welcome as long as their focus remains pertinent to public administration studies.

Contexts can be local, national or international in nature but clear explanations must be provided for any given analysis. Authors’ nationality is given no consideration – it suffices that they qualify as bona fide researchers or professionals. Articles can be submitted in either French or English but will always be published in both languages. Guest editors will sometimes produce special issues covering certain specific topics, with articles shortlisted in such cases undergoing the normal review process but with only two reviewers involved.

Articles submitted in French and accepted by GMP will be published in both French and English. All submissions must involve original works, i.e. no article that has already been submitted for publication in another peer-reviewed journal will be accepted. In line with common practice in most scientific journals, articles submitted for screening will be evaluated anonymously by two reviewers with the author’s name remaining confidential. Depending in part on reviewers’ evaluation of the submission, the Editor-in Chief will make a final decision whether or not it should be published in its current state or if the author should be asked to make further revisions.

A journal that is open access and peer-reviewed

In a spirit of open science and to facilitate exchanges among public management administration researchers worldwide, the journal is available on an open access basis.

Texts submitted to GMP must be original articles that have neither been accepted for publication in another journal or collective volume or are currently undergoing evaluation in another peer-reviewed journal. Exclusivity certification form.

All articles submitted to GMP will undergo a similarity search and be evaluated by two reviewers anonymously.

GMP’s four annual issues are published online simultaneously in both French and English.

GMP (ISSN n°: 2116-8865) received a tier 2 classification in FNEGE’s June 2022 ranking of management journals.

Ethical Charter

GMP’s ethical charter can be found at: 

If you have a technical, administrative or author-related question.