The journal “Gestion et Management Public” (GMP) publishes research articles in the field of public management. It aims to welcome any original work that improves knowledge in the field of public management, according to approaches that can be varied, and that mobilize qualitative or quantitative methodologies.

Articles based on a rigorous combination of empirical materials and theoretical frameworks are welcome. Articles that are essentially theoretical but have a real managerial scope are also part of the journal’s editorial scope. Contributions can be based on theoretical corpus from various fundamental disciplines interested in organizations (management, sociology, economics, anthropology, history, law, information and communication, education sciences, psychology, etc.) as long as they are situated in a problematic likely to concern public management.

The contexts may be local, national or international, and their analysis must be carried out according to clearly defined methods. The authors are researchers or professionals of French or foreign nationalitý (the articles may be proposed in French or English but are published in these two languages). Special issues on very specific themes may be conducted by a guest editor, with pre-selected articles following the normal review process with two referees.

Articles submitted in French and accepted in GMP will be published in French and English. The articles submitted are original. They have not been accepted for publication in any other peer-reviewed journal. As is customary in scientific journals, articles submitted to GMP are evaluated by two anonymous reviewers without the author’s name being given. Depending on the opinions of these two reviewers, the editor in charge of the article decides whether or not to publish the proposed article, or to ask the author to modify it.

The journal Gestion et Management Public publishes four double issues per year online (in French and English). It is part of an open access system to facilitate exchanges between researchers in public management worldwide.

The journal GMP (ISSN n°: 2116-8865) is ranked 3rd in the June 2019 FNEGE ranking of Management Science journals and B in the January 2019 HCERES ranking.


Articles submitted to GMP are original productions that have not been accepted for publication in another journal or collective work and are not under evaluation in another peer-reviewed journal.

The members of the editorial and steering committees, the reviewers and the authors agree to respect the terms of the ethical charter of the Revue Gestion et Management Public.