The Journal “GESTION & MANAGEMENT PUBLIC” admits research articles in the field of governance and public management. It aims at welcoming all original work improving knowledge in the field of public administration, according to a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Contributions based on the theoretical corpus of multiple fundamental disciplines (sociology, economics, anthropology, history, law) are welcome in as far as they are of interest to issues related to governance and public management.

Articles of essentially theoretical nature but with genuine managerial implications can also be considered as part of the editorial field of the journal. The authors are researchers professionals of French and foreign nationality (articles can be written in French or in English). Special issues on very specific topics may be conducted by a guest editor, the shortlisted articles following the normal review process with three rapporteurs.

The journal Gestion & Management Public, like all other reference journals, includes two additional sections: a so-called review of works section where the new works in public management are presented and a presentation section of theses realized in the field of public management.

Articles are mainly published in French and possibly in English. Articles are submitted in their original version and have not been subject to acceptance for publication in another journal or are not under evaluation by a reading committee from another journal . According to what is currently applicable in scientific journals, articles that are being proposed are evaluated by two anonymous rapporteurs without indication of the author’s name. Based on the recommendation of the two rapporteurs, the editor in charge of the article decides to publish or not to publish the proposed article, or to ask the author for revision.

The journal “Gestion et Management Public” online now publishes four issues a year. It fits within an open access system in order to facilitate exchanges between public management researchers worldwide.

The journal GMP (No. ISSN: 2116-8865) is classified rank 3 in the ranking of Management Science journals of FNEGE June 2016 and rank in the ranking HCRES of October 2015.